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Proof of Parental or Other Legal Guardian Consent

It is recommended that you obtain a travel authorization for children, even if you have temporary guardianship over the children you are travelling with. This way, you will have proof that you can travel with the children if the travel authorities deem your guardianship papers inadequate. National International Travel Requirements: In addition to these documents, many countries have specific requirements and forms for international travel that are required when children are traveling with adults other than their parents/guardians. Many countries also have requirements for certification, supporting documents, and affidavits. U.S. citizens can use the U.S. Department of State`s website and country information pages to determine each country`s documentation requirements when traveling with adults who are not their parents/guardians. It can be very dangerous to transport large sums of money abroad. Although adult credit cards are very convenient, most minors do not have credit cards and there may be situations where it feels uncomfortable. In such cases, a prepaid card for international travel is very convenient and easy to use. Since these are used as debit cards, transfer the intended amount of money to be used for international travel to the appropriate bank account.

during the trip. It also allows you to prepare for cases such as loss or theft by asking the guardian to transfer money to the account when the balance is depleted during the trip. Guardians should discuss the rules for using these cards with minors prior to travel. It is recommended to purchase international travel insurance to avoid difficulties abroad and prepare for sudden illness or injury. However, in most cases, a minor will not be able to purchase travel insurance on their own, so contact insurance companies with the consent of a parent or guardian before traveling. Since home country health insurance cannot be used abroad, a very high amount can be charged in case of a hospital visit in most cases. Travel insurance is recommended so you don`t have to worry about your safety, medical expenses, and other issues in case of injury or illness abroad. If a parent`s or guardian`s request for consent meets both conditions, we may disclose non-medical information on behalf of a minor child. NOTE: Step-parents cannot consent to the disclosure of a minor child`s non-medical records unless they are also the child`s legal guardian. and U.S.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will require both parents or the non-accompanying parent to obtain written consent from both parents if minors (under the age of 18) travel to the United States alone or from one parent. This written consent must be given in English. Note that the minor may be detained until his or her situation and safety can be confirmed, if requested by an immigration officer during entry control into the United States, no written consent is given. In addition, the guardian(s) should be aware that many countries currently require written consent for minors in order to ensure the safety of minors. Although this written consent is not required to travel to the United States, entry may be refused if an official permit or birth certificate cannot be presented. Consent is required due to the increasing incidence of child abduction, including the abduction and illicit trafficking of children for child pornography and prostitution. According to SafeAtLast, approximately eight million children worldwide go missing each year. About 90% are kidnappings in prison.

An adoptive parent will provide us with an appropriate consent document requesting disclosure of their adopted daughter`s benefit information to the Maple County School District where she lives so that her daughter receiving Social Security benefits will qualify for free lunch and bus tickets. A copy of the child`s legal adoption documents is already on file. As free breakfast and bus tickets are for the use and well-being of the child, we may respect informed consent and pass performance information on to the school. In recent years, the number of minors travelling abroad alone during summer and other longer holidays has increased. On the other hand, please note that some U.S. states prohibit travel and accommodation reservations for unaccompanied minors, even with the written consent of their legal guardians. Hosting unaccompanied minors in hotels and other facilities is also prohibited by law in the continental United States. It`s important to note that some countries may require you to notarize your children`s travel authorization to prove authenticity.

If you`re not sure if this is a requirement, you can have your document notarized. Depending on whether a child is travelling domestically or internationally, you may or may not be required to provide parental consent.

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