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Where Are Racoons Legal to Own

While we`ve already looked at U.S. states where it`s legal to own raccoons, what about other countries in the world? Raccoons are on the list of prohibited animals, which means it is illegal to possess them as pets in the country. You cannot legally own a raccoon as a pet in Canada. If you are caught with a raccoon as a pet, you can expect significant fines. Raccoons love to explore their surroundings, so it`s important to provide them with a spacious place. If you live indoors, a large dog box with plenty of space will work well for the raccoon in the short term. Even in states where raccoons are legal, in most cases you`ll need to either get a permit or get permission from state authorities. It is illegal to own raccoons in the UK. There are strict restrictions, which means they can no longer be bred or sold within the UK`s borders. The possession of large carnivores such as lions, tigers and bears is illegal, as are monkeys, baboons and macaques. There is also a limit of six animals per owner for bobcats, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, quail, opossums, coyotes, deer, red foxes and gray foxes. If you acquired an animal in another state, you must prove that it was acquired legally. You can legally own a raccoon as a pet in sixteen states.

In some cases, there are restrictions, such as how states require a license and permits to own a raccoon. Some states also limit the number of raccoons and consider ownership of these animals partially legal. They can also be infested with many other parasites, including fleas, ticks and lice. Finding proper veterinary care for your raccoon can be just as difficult as raising properly. Most veterinarians have no experience in treating raccoons. It`s also illegal to sterilize raccoons in Texas, so if your furry friend escapes, you could end up with a whole litter to take care of. The Arizona administrative code states that it is illegal to possess non-domestic dogs and cats, primates (except non-infant primates which are free of zoonoses), alligators, crocodiles, poisonous snakes, and many others. Special permits may be issued to specific individuals or groups to keep these animals if the application falls under the categories of education, public health, commercial photography, wildlife rehabilitation or wildlife management.

In Oregon, it is illegal to own feral cats, bears other than black bears, dogs that are not native to Oregon, monkeys, alligators, crocodiles or caimans. You can get a special permit for an assistance monkey. Animals you can have without a license include alpacas, ferrets, bison, camels, chinchillas, emus, ostriches, llamas, lemurs, sugar gliders and giraffes. Follow all guidelines that make the possession of a raccoon legal in your state. In states where raccoon ownership is legal, those looking for a raccoon should follow additional regulations to own a raccoon. For example, in North Carolina, a veterinarian must approve the animal before it is taken to the state. In Arkansas, a person cannot own more than five at a time. Keep in mind that it is important to check state and local laws before buying an exotic animal. Technically, it`s legal to keep a raccoon as a pet in Arizona, but an owner must first get an exotic pet license or license.

Most states that allow the possession of raccoons recommend taking one from a professional breeder. It is legal to own a raccoon in the following states: According to Florida`s administrative code, Class I animals are illegal to possess and Class II animals require a license. Class I animals include bears, big cats, rhinos, crocodiles, chimpanzees and more. Class II includes howler monkeys, macaques, bobcats, pumas, cheetahs, alligators, wolves, giraffes and more. A 2010 law prohibits the import, sale and release of non-native species. This law further restricts the capture and keeping of venomous reptiles and other reptiles of concern, unless the owner already had a permit before the law. You do not need a permit to keep ferrets, parrots, hedgehogs, chinchillas and other small rodents. The sixteen states that allow you to legally possess raccoons include: Before you even consider getting a raccoon, you need to make sure it`s legal in your state.

In many states, it is illegal to keep raccoons as pets. In states where the possession of a raccoon is allowed, a wildlife permit is generally required. If you intend to adopt a raccoon, you will need to take it to a veterinarian for a thorough examination. In most states where owning a raccoon is legal, such as Michigan, a veterinary exam is required. Raccoons are illegal in most states, not only because of the unethical nature of owning an exotic animal, but also for the welfare of the public. You can legally own a raccoon as a pet in several states across America. Sixteen states allow you to legally own a raccoon. However, most of these sixteen states have special permits or regulations to own a raccoon, and owning raccoons can still be considered illegal. Texas considers raccoons wild animals, and it is illegal to possess them without a permit approved by the U.S.

Department of Fish and Hunting. A glance at the Department of Game and Fish`s website gives the impression that Arizona doesn`t care much about raccoons. Not only did the state arrest Morris for keeping Sonny as a pet, but it also has a law that states that a raccoon is “the only animal in Arizona that can be legally caught with a gun at night.” Raccoons are furry animals that humans can catch during hunting season. Once caught, you can legally turn these mammals into pets. South Carolina law can determine whether they should leave the animal in the care of the person. It is illegal to own a raccoon as a pet in Australia. There are no permits or licences that make the possession of raccoons legal in Australia. There is overwhelming fear that cages or contaminants will break and animals will be released into the community where they may become an invasive species. If you want to own any of the animals on that state`s dangerous wildlife list, you must register it with the county where the animal lives.

This list includes lions, tigers, ocelots, wolves, primates and venomous reptiles. You do not need a permit for chinchillas, yaks, servals or camels. For the most part, exotic animals are illegal in Hawaii. These include bears, big cats, wild canines, hybrids of feral cats and wild dogs, kangaroos, wild cattle and deer, birds of prey, alligators, geckos and most lizards, hedgehogs, gerbils, hamsters and ferrets. Pets allowed include guinea pigs, chinchillas, pet mice and rats, parakeets and pigeons. It`s not legal to own raccoons in every state, so you should check the legality in your state before adopting a raccoon. Although there are circumstances in which it is legal to own raccoons in Texas, they are not considered pets. Raccoons need an outdoor pen where they can play and where they can be confined if they cannot be supervised.

The enclosure must have a secure roof. Check state and local laws for additional housing requirements. Georgia`s Ministry of Natural Resources describes illegal animals as naturally dangerous.

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